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As a whole animal and community butcher shop, we now offer the following services:

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Game Processing

At Teton Valley Meats, we want to be more than just an average Butcher, which is why we started our Elk and Deer processing service. To insure quality of processing, we only process and package one animal at a time. Click the link below to see our processing form. This will need to be filled out at drop off.

1. Call us for availability of drop off

2. Animal needs to be headed, gutted, skinned, hoofed and half/quartered

3. Animal needs to be stored in a cooler at a temperature of no more than 41 deg

4. We reserve the right to refuse any animal that has not been safely stored before arrival

Custom Orders

At Teton Valley Meats, we will gladly fulfill special orders. If you are in need of a special cut of meat or something not commonly available, please give us a call.

Note — While we sometimes have unique cuts of meat on hand at the shop, sometimes we must locate the cut and have it ready for pick up. Be sure to allow a few days for availability of your special cut of meat.

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